Monday 30 September 2013

My Autumn Nails Inc Favourites

T-B: Porchester Square, Palace Gardens Terrace, Basil Street, Queensgate Mews, Jermyn St

I absolutely love painting my nails, and Nails Inc is definitely one of my favourite nail polish brands. Don't get me wrong, I am typically, a budget beauty kinda gal, but we all love a good spend up here and there. And Nails Inc polishes are one of my favourite things to splurge on.

Porchester Square and Jermyn St are both minis, which are definitely the cutest things ever?! They're only 4ml, but surpringly these have lasted me ages. I'm not sure if you can buy these individually, but if you can I definitely recommend them as a way of trying a polish before purchasing it in all it's £11 splendour.

Basil Street came free with a Glamour magazine a while ago, and I definitely jumped on the £2 Nails Inc polish bandwagon. It's such a pretty nude colour, and I really like how it looks on my ghostly pale skintone.

Palace Gardens Terrace and Queensgate Mews are really pretty dark purple colours. QM has a really lovely metallic shine to it, where as PGT is a really creamy gel like berry colour.

I find these last about a week with a good topcoat, and are really opaque in two coats which makes them a dream to apply!

Have you tried any of Nails Inc's polishes?
What are your favourite polishes for Autumn?


  1. These are all such gorgeous Autumnal Colours, i still haven't tried any Nails Inc polishes, but i definitely have to add some of these to my wishlist :) xx


  2. I'd love to try out some Nails Inc varnishes, they seem really good and those colours are stunning! Especially the two minis' colours, they just look so nice. x


    1. Yeah, they're amazing!
      Ooooh, the minis are so cute aren't they!xx

  3. I love these type colours, i definitely need to collect more if i'm honest!

    zofia xo

  4. I absolutely love Palace Gardens Terrace and Queensgate Mews! Love Autumn as all the plum and berry shades come out! x

  5. Porchester Square is gorgeous :) You've chosen some lovely polishes for the autumn.
    Amy x
    --A Little Boat Sailing---