Tuesday 1 October 2013

A Skincare Saviour

Cien 24hr Moisturising Cream - £1.99

Skincare is one of those things rarely discussed here on Becca's Fashion and Life, but I've been using a product for the past couple of months, that really has done serious wonders to my skin.

To start off with, lets go right back to basics. I have completely combination skin, including an oily t-zone but other than that, dry skin. My skin is also really quite sensitive, so finding products that really work on my skin, really is an achievement.

This is a thick creamy face cream, but despite the texture, sinks in really quickly. I tend to use this at night as it's just so hydrating. Which means when I wake up, my skin literally feels like a dream.

Scent wise, I'm not quite sure how to describe it. It's a sort of fresh clinical type smell, which luckily hasn't broken me out. The scent disappears as soon as the cream is rubbed in, which makes it that little bit better.

The packaging is really nice considering how much of a budget product this is. The pot is made of glass and the pink lid screws on really nicely. Weird thing to mention but so true!

I only use the tiniest amount which means this 50ml pot is going to last me ages!

Have you heard of the brand ''Cien'?
What's your favourite moisturiser?