Tuesday 26 February 2013

Nanshy Foundation Makeup Brush Set*.....

I was recently given the opportunity to review a brush set from Nanshy - a new company specialising in make up brushes and accessories.

The brushes I was sent are from the Foundation brushes range. The set is £29.50 or you can buy each brush individually for £9.95. I was also sent the matching Nanshy Brush Holder, which retails for £19.95. Nanshy are also cruelty free, which I think is brilliant in this day and age!!

All of the brushes have the same chunky white handle, which makes them really easy to use. The bristles are very soft and they don't appear to have shed at all yet! They feel really good quality and are very easy to use... 

1) Flat Top Buffer Brush.
This brush is really good for buffing in any liquidy type product. Whether it be foundation or tinted moisturiser. I find this brush isn't too dense but it's not flimsy either. I found that it blended in my foundation perfectly!

2) Flat Angled Buffer Brush.
Equally this brush is really good for foundation. However, I found it was really good with dry products as well! I also tried this brush out with a setting powder and it was great! This brush is quite dense but certainly didn't 'cake on' the product. 

3) Pointed Foundation Brush
This brush is really soft and easy to use. I found it to be really good to use for specific areas. Such as under the eye or around the nose, it blends the product in very well despite being quite flimsy at the top! However, the entire brush is very dense and very useful!

4) Round Buffer Brush
I used this with an MUA blush and it worked really well! I also think this could also be very useful when it comes to applying a powder highlighter - as it looks like a great size for the cheekbones! This brush is very soft and applies the product really evenly!

Nanshy brushes are available to buy from Ebay, BeautyStore4U as well as Amazon, so definitely very accessible! Check out their site here.

Overall, I really recommend these brushes, especially if you're looking for a set of just foundation brushes, as all of these are brilliant!


  1. Oooo this reminds me of the sigma brushes! Great post xxx


    1. Yeah they remind me of Sigma to!
      Thank you :Dxx

  2. These brushes look fab! I've recently been expanding my brush collection and these definitely look like they're worth a purchase :) xx


  3. I love big fat brushes, these look so fluffy and soft, will give it a try



    1. Yeah, I'd love to know what you think of them :)x

  4. Ooooo these are lush!
    I'm currently using Mac & some brand I found in sainaburys lol

    Thank you for sharing your blog via the twitter chat

    Your newest follower


    1. They are amazing!

      I've never tried a Mac brush, but I'd love to :')

  5. These brushes look brilliant, and that reminds me that I need to get some new make up brushes. Very long overdue.

    I'm having a Benefit cosmetics giveaway on my blog at the moment, would love for you to take a look.

    Jo x

  6. These brushes look great. I should get me some of them! I love your blog Becca and I am already following you! Even though I do not comment on every blog post I do try to read all of them!

  7. Wow these look amazing. Love the brush holder pot thing too. Never heard of them before either! Totes agree on the cruelty free thing as many brands still test on animals in this day and age! Xx

    1. They're fab! Yeah, it's so handy!
      Always a bonus!xx