Sunday 24 February 2013

Bournemouth Bloggers......

Yesterday I had a brilliant day out with the Bournemouth Bloggers! Hannah who writes Baileycakes, organised the entire event, so if she's reading, thank you so much for such a wonderful day!

We started in Yates's. We had some lunch and then we did a great quiz. We literally, had just announced the winners of the quiz, when the Rugby came blaring out of the speakers. I think that was our cue to leave.

So, we all then split up and went to separate shops. Brogan, Megan, Leanne and I headed to Mac and Space NK. We then went to Lush and then headed back,  for our 4 o'clock slot at Benefit.

Sophie from Benefit demonstrated Fine One One on us all. She then told us about some very exciting new product launches -there are three new palettes and a very interesting concealer!

We all received amazing goodie bags, but each one was different, and I love everything I received in mine! (There was also a Lush Massage Bar, but that melted so I didn't include that in the picture.) So thank you to everyone that contributed to the gifts - especially Kim from The Bohemian Collective and Georgie from Beau xoxo.

It was lovely to speak to everyone, and I'd love to do it all again soon!


  1. Sounds like you girls had fun! So jelly of all these meetups :)

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  2. Was really nice to meet you yesterday! Hopefully we can meet up again soon!xx

    1. Aww thank you, you to!

      Yeah, we definitely should! :Dxx

  3. oh it's so cool knowing there are other bloggers my age who live in Bournemouth- glad you had a good time :)

    sarah xx