Wednesday 20 June 2012

Topshop DIY ........ (1)

As you may have already guessed, I LOVE shorts. Particularly Topshop shorts. I am also loving tie dye and ombre at the moment. So when I saw all of these, with the two things mixed together, I fell in love. These shorts retail for an average of £34, if you ask me- that's not too bad, but it's still £34 I'm not willing to part with.

   As soon as I saw these, all I thought was a DIY was in order. I mean they should be easy to recreate at home! So all you would need are:
Some shorts/ or some old jeans you could cut into shorts.
Some dye
A large container to dye them in.

   To do the ombre ones just soak the bottom half in the dye for as long as the dye packet says. And the tie dye, just tie dye it as you would a t shirt. Making your own will ensure that they are unique and to your personal taste.

   To personalize them more you could paint splatter them with dye, bleach random parts or anything else creative you can think of.

   I think this is well worth a go and I would love if you tried this yourself, if you could email me a picture at :

P.S. My favourite of these shorts are these ones :{2}~[5|35]

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