Tuesday 19 June 2012

Hello my Sweetie Pie....

Today I am going to be reviewing Lush's Sweetie Pie.

It is a shower jelly, and smells amazing! It is really moisturising on the skin. It costs £2.95 for 100g, which isn't a bad price. It is very slippery and slimy, however not overly so. I think it smells quite like the Comforter, bubble bar. It is apparently great on your hair and scalp, as well as your body. You can also keep it cold, refreshing on a hot day or just keep it at room temperature in your bathroom. 

It smells a lot like berries and coconut.It lathers into a soft white foam, and the scent stays on your body all day. This shower jelly contains glitter, I'm not sure what it adds to the product, but it sure, makes it look pretty. As far as the quantity goes, it sure has lasted a while. I have had this for months and it doesn't seem to be getting smaller. 

Overall this product is great fun and softening to the skin, but is a bit of a gimmick.