Monday, 18 June 2012

OOTD..... 17/06/12

So here is the outfit that I wore yesterday. It was quite a change to have some sun in comparison to the rain and dull weather we have experience, yet again, recently. However it wasn't strip down into a bikini,sort of weather either.

 I wore a black vest top from Primark. £2.50, what a bargain! I wore it with a red/coral black, green and cream rose print skirt. It is high waisted and is mid-thigh length. I bought it in a H&M sale a while ago for £5. The black vest helps the outfit not look to summery and also helps, to make it look more grown up. On my feet I wore my nude Primark ballet flats, one again... I didn't wear any jewellery, and kept my make up to a minimum.

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