Saturday, 23 June 2012


Today's been a very casual day... I haven't really done anything except homework. All my exams are nearly over for this year, and I only have to get up ridiculously early to spend 7 hours learning, about 20 times more until September. Which is good!

Anyway, onto the outfit. I wore a pink top from New Look. It is cropped and has very low arm holes, but it also has neon pink speckles on it. Underneath I just wore a plain black bandeau. I wore this top tucked into some DIY shorts I'd made. I'll explain all about them in a later blog post.

My navy hoodie, with white strings also looks nice with this outfit, if it's a bit chilly. To make the outfit more interesting and less basic, I wore a silver and pink cross necklace, from Miss Selfridge. On my feet I once again wore my tan Primark ballet flats.

Today it hasn't rained and it also hasn't been to cold, which is good. I was thinking about, over the summer holidays doing a daily blog post, or nearly every day. They could be OOTD's or about what I did that day. As well as my normal type of post.

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