Sunday 4 May 2014

This Week I... (#32)

Made myself a healthy, nutritional lunch. Who am I kidding? I never know what to have for lunch, so always end up cooking myself the most random things. But one thing that's come from this discovery is that I make a mean stack of pancakes. Mmmmmm. 

Bought my prom shoes. I bought them in Kurt Geiger, and I absolutely love them. I'm going to save the big reveal for nearer the day, but all I'm going to say is - rose gold details... Prom is rapidly approaching, so no doubt I'll post about these very soon!

Broke my braces. Oooops. It was this time last week I was declaring my love for Mini Eggs, and our relationship has gone downhill since. I managed to snap one of the brackets, while enjoying a mid afternoon snack. Boo. But you'll be pleased to hear that I've since had them fixed.

Got my Delevingne on. I'm sure we've all seen Cara (and others) coveting the whole check-shirt-around-the-waist thing, and this week I decided to give it a go myself. It's not my usual style, but to be honest I really like it. Plus, it's an outfit that isn't all completely monochrome.

I haven't really been up to much this last week - other than some last minute revision, as my exams start in a fortnight - so please excuse the short post!



  1. Yummy lovely looking pancakes!

    Kate xo //

  2. Those pancakes are making me hungry!

    You have lovely hair by the way! I noticed this in a previous post of yours! X

    Kate | Beautiboe

  3. The pancakes look good!.... I need some.....and Good luck with the exams! x

  4. aah the pancakes look delish! I know the feeling of broken braces, its not good, especially not when a super yummy food is to blame! x

  5. I want those pancakes too, love this kind of post :)
    Michela xx

  6. I have a permanent retainer on the back of my top front teeth. I've lost at least one, maybe two of the pads and the wire on each end is actually a little sharp if I stick my tongue on it (my tongue usually is nowhere near it) but it's lasted pretty well so far over about 15 years!

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty