Tuesday 3 September 2013

Another Little Haul

While I was in London I picked up a couple of bits and today I've done a little bit more damage to my purse. 

I mentioned in my post all about Sophie's fab meet up, that I purchased my first Mac lipstick. It's a gorgeous pinky coral otherwise known as Costa Chic. It's really pigmented and rather quite moisturising considering it's a Frost finish- not something I was aware of when I bought it. I do tend to wear this blended out as I'm not a fan of the whole granny chic, shimmery finish.
The other thing I bought while I was in London was the Sinful Colors polish in the shade Why Not. It's a bright cobalt blue and I absolutely love the formula. This polish is opaque in two coats and the £1.99 practically jumped out of my purse when I saw this.

I bought a Limited Collection lipstick from M&S a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it. So today, I popped back in store to have a look at the other shades available. I actually ended up leaving with a lipstick, hand cream, blush as well as a nail polish.
Originally I was going to buy the Mallow lipstick - a pretty dusky pink. And a Cocoa Butter hand cream to keep in my school bag. Amazingly, while I was there I was told about the 'buy 2 get a free gift offer'. Essentially if I bought 2 Limited Collection products I'd receive a free lipstick. So I picked up a nail polish in Pale Peach and a blush in Melba Blush. Including the hand cream my total only came to £8.50, which considering I was originally going to spend £6 anyway. It seemed ridiculous not to purchase the blush and nail polish for only £2.50!

And finally, I picked up this gorgeous linen shirt from H&M for only £12.99. I never got around to buying that Primark alphabet blouse but I love the fact that this one is longsleeved. I think this will look gorgeous under my black pinafore. If you'd like to see what this looks like on, I posted a photo on my Instagram earlier. (@beccasfashionandlife)

What do you think of my purchases?
Have you tried anything from Limited Collection?


  1. I love that shirt - it is really nice! Also love the colour of the nail varnish! :)

  2. Those M&S makeup bits look gorgeous!! I'm going to have to have a look at them next time I'm doing my food shopping!!

    The Beauty Belle

  3. Lovely finds! That cocoa butter hand cream sounds divine! xx

  4. I love the shirt! I didn't see you went to Mac, where did you find it :)


    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, it was tucked away on a side street :)xx

  5. That shirt is to die for !
    Love ur blog followed u on Bloglovin
    Check out mine


    Love Laura xox

  6. The shirt is lovely! There is so much I really want at the moment but I know my purse is just not big enough!
    Alice xx

  7. That shirt is GORGEOUS. MUST FIND IT. xo