Thursday, 28 March 2013

I Put Some New Shoes On & Suddenly Everything's Right*...

I was recently given the opportunity to review some lovely shoes from Barratts, and obviously I said yes. The boots I chose were the: Stud Trim Lace Up Ankle Boots. I've been wearing and trying them out for a couple of weeks, and it's fair to say I'm in love!

These boots are actually surprisingly comfortable and fit really well. The quality is fantastic and they feel really expensive.

On first inspection they look quite clumpy and bulky but they're really light and easy to walk in. I've worn these with dresses as well as leggings, so they're a great all-rounder.

Instead of unlacing the boots to put them on/off there are zips on the sides. Which is great, as I can never be bothered to undo the entire boot to take them off.

These are so similar to DM's, it's incredible, luckily they're only a third of the price.

These cost £32 which I think is really reasonable for a great quality pair of boots, and are definitely a timeless piece!

Do you have these boots?
Do you like them?


  1. That's not bad for a decent pair of docs :) loving the studs on them too xoxo

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