Sunday 14 October 2012

99p Bracelet Bargains.....

(Sorry todays post is going to be really short - I have a lot of school work to do at the moment)

Recently I've seen an increasing number of Ebay wishlists and posts. I've bought the odd thing here or there on the aforementioned site. But recently I've been getting more and more into jewellery, so I thought I would have a look on Ebay....

All of these bracelets I'm featuring today are 99p!! However, they are all being shipped from Hong Kong meaning it will take 11-23 business days to get here. But because they are so affordable I don't mind!!

Here's my bargain wishlist:

Sorry these are blurry - all taken directly from the Ebay seller's

Skull Bracelet.                  Skull Bangle.                Cross Bracelet.


  1. Love the bracelets you got! I've been ordering jewellery from ebay (HongKong that is) for about a year now and though delivery always takes ages the prices can't be beaten! Got to love a good bargain. Loving your blog btw, following you now :) xx

    1. wow these are bargains - i love the gold skull, I'll have to look on ebay xxx

  2. These are pretty. I like skull designs so it's nice to see that they're trending atm. The first one is my favourite. :)

  3. Super cute :)
    Thanks for sharing, I'm now going to buy some of the Skull bracelets now :)

  4. These are all lush! I love searching on ebay and going through all the bargains you can find- end up spending a small fortune anyway hehe! xx

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  5. Love the bracelets & their such a great price love a bargain! x

  6. I really like the coloured skull one :) x