Sunday 29 July 2012

Benefit's Posie Tint.

Ages ago, Glamour magazine teamed up with Benefit. So, all the Glamour magazines, came with a free Benefit Sample. The magazine is £2, so if you bought it just for the 'free gift' then it is still worth it. 

However personally I really enjoy reading the magazine. It is well written and is always up to date. The only thing I dislike, is a few of the articles,they really don't appeal to me. But I suppose that is my personal preference, and the articles I enjoy reading, other people might not.

This month's Glamour magazine includes another benefit sample, which I am yet to buy. But this blog post, is all about last year's choices. There were three products to choose from either; Posietint, High Beam or Benetint. I got Posietint, so I thought I'd give you an insight into the product and what I personally think of it.

So to start of with, its a 4ml sample. That doesn't sound a lot, but a little does go along way. Posietint is a "Poppy pink tinted lip and cheek stain." In the bottle, the tint, looks neon pink, however when it is rubbed into the  skin, it turns into a lovely subtle pink. The actual consistency is, liquid/gel. 

It is easy to apply. It looks like a nail varnish, with the typical 'nail varnish' brush. On the box it says:"Brush three strokes on the apple of your cheek and then blend quickly with your fingertips. Do the same with your other cheek. Dot on lips and blend with fingertips. For a deeper 'Pop' of colour, repeat." It really is, very easy to apply. The only downside of this product is, it dries really quickly. The first time I applied it, I put some on both cheeks and put the lid back on. But, when I went to rub it in it had already dried, leaving me with a bright pink line, going across my cheek. So when it says blend quickly, it does in fact mean blend quickly. And you really don't need very much of this product.

It lasts along time on the cheeks and quite a long time before having to reapply it on the lips. I find that if I put a powder blush, that is nearly the same colour, over the top it helps it stay on my cheeks for a very long time.

Posietint doesn't have a strong smell, other than the typical chemical smell. Which isn't good, but its not bad either.

There are also dupes for this, which isn't surprising considering its a great product, but priced at £24.50, it's definitely on the pricey side, but its 100% worth it.
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  1. Been dying to dry this for ages! But yeah it's the price that keeps putting me off :-( possible christmas list item xo