Sunday 29 July 2012

The Liebster Award!!...

I have been awarded the Liebster award, by the lovely, Amelia. and Chloe. I love reading both of their blogs, so I think you would to!

Anyway you may be wondering what you have to do when you've been nominated... 

~ Write 11 things about myself.

~ Answer the questions the blogger before me set, and make 11 new ones.

~ Nominate 5 other bloggers.

~ Tell the bloggers that I nominated them!

11 Things About Me.....
  • I don't have any pets and I've only ever had a pet fish. I'm scared of some cats and dogs.
  • I have climbed to the top of a volcano.
  • When I was younger I got stuck in the middle of a big waterslide as there was a power cut and the water stopped flowing.
  • I dream of going to New York
  • I have been in 2 pantomimes, performing to a paying audience. I have done 14 shows, each with an audience of around 300 people.
  • Most of the time I prefer to look fashionable rather than feel comfortable.
  • I'm probably the least sporty person ever!!
  • I love shopping in the sales!
  • I am quite a shy person, but I'm confident around people I know.
  • I'm not very good at making decisions
  • I'm a very organised person meaning I always have everything I need.

Amelia's Questions

1) What is your favourite piece of clothing?
My navy high waited shorts. I've included them in many outfits of the day. They have gold buttons and are really comfortable.

2) Do you wear make up everyday?
I always wear mascara as I feel it really opens my eyes up. Most of the time I wear eye liner on my upper lash line. I occasionally wear concealer to hide any dark under eye bags/circles.

3) Do you enjoy reading my blog?
Yes, I do. It's really interesting and helpful.

4) What is your favourite season? (spring, summer, autumn winter...)
Summer is my favourite season as it's hot and sunny - well, not always in the UK, but you know what I mean. I also enjoy wearing summery clothing the most.

5) Is your hair straight, curly or wavy?
My hair is wavy - imagine 'beach waves' but with 50% more frizz!

6) What's your favourite band?
My favourite band is One Direction, I saw them in concert - they were amazing!!

7) Are you a reader - if so what's your favourite book?
I'm loving reading the Hunger Games trilogy at the moment. I'm currently finishing the last one - Mockingjay.

8) Do you exercise regularly?
I don't do any specific sports, so honestly, I don't really.

9) Do you have any cool talents?
Photography- I'm doing an extra GCSE in it.

10) Where's your favourite place to go on vacation?
I love going to Italy!! But I also love America.

11) Do you tan during the summer or do you think it's to much of a risk on your skin?
Well, England is never hot for the entire 6 weeks holiday, so I don't really get the chance. However, while on holiday I do get a tan, but not from spending all day sunbathing.

Chloe's Questions

1. What Product can you not go a day without using? I can't go a day without using my acne treatment or mascara.

2. Who is your style icon at the moment? To be honest I don't really have a style icon. I where what I like and think looks nice.

3. What is your favourite clothing item at the moment? & Why? My navy high waited shorts. I've included them in many outfits of the day, they have gold buttons and are really comfortable.

4. Your Best Bargain in the past two weeks? Probably my floral backpack from Claires. I got it for £1 instead of £15.

5. Platforms or Flats?  Flats!! I find them way more comfortable and easier to style!!

6. Chanel or MAC? Chanel, It's more sophisticated and I'm loving their foundations. But MAC have a bigger line and I love their lipsticks and paint pots. So that really is a tough question, so on reflection I'd have to go with both. 

7. What is your limit to spend on a outfit for a night out? I'm not too sure, if there's something I really like then I will buy it, but I don't have a specific amount.

8. Studs...Yay or Nay? Yay, as long as there aren't too many!

9. What part of you're body do you like the most? I like my legs. They are really long - in my opinion. The leg length of my jeans is 34".

10. Where do you hope to be in ten years?  I hope to be happy, healthy and have been to University.

11. Which is your favourite high street store to shop at? New Look. It's inexpensive and the clothing is always fashionable and up to date. However, I love Topshop but some of their clothing is over priced!

My Questions:

  1. What do you like about my blog, and what would you change?
  2. Biggest pet peeve?
  3. Do you wear a full face of make up everyday?
  4. What's your favourite skincare product? (specific product)
  5. Favourite drug store make up brand?
  6. Favourite finish of lipstick? ( Matt, creamy, glossy etc)
  7. Do you believe less is more?
  8. Is using animal cruelty free products important to you?
  9. Would you rather only have: 4 high end products or 10 drug store products?
  10. Favourite mascara ever? (specific product)
  11. Do you write PR reviews/ sponsored posts? What's your opinion on them?
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