Monday 1 August 2016

3 Gym Tips For Those Who've Never Been

I feel like a bit of a fraud writing this post considering I haven't been to the gym since way before Christmas, and I could come at you with a whole heap of excuses, but let's be real here, I've just been a bit (very) lazy. That being said, I did spend quite a lot of time at the gym last year and hence feel as if I can share a few tips for gym newbies.

During my first 'sesh' (am I a proper gym lad now? lol) I was so worried that everyone else was watching me and laughing at my feeble attempts at exercise. Nope, oh how wrong I was, no one cared, and still, no one cares. Everyone sorta does their own thing, and just gets on with it. So, go on, you do you while they do them. 

Yep, this is one I really should have done. Don't get me wrong I listened to start of with, but as the instructor got to the 46387th weight machine I did sorta switch off. I thought I'd never use them and I was eager to get started and have a go on 'fun' stuff myself. Don't do that. Listen. Especially if they recommend techniques and what weight to use per set, it'll help when you attempt it for the first time yourself.

The second we were released into the gym I felt I should have a go at everything, and see how long I could run for before feeling like death etc. Again, learn from my mistakes, don't do that, especially if you're not use to that level of exercise. My legs were a little (extremely) sore the next day, but what was I expecting having spent far too long on the leg press, doing weights that my spindle-legs certainly aren't used to...

What do you think of the gym?
How was your first ever session?