Thursday 28 July 2016

HOW TO: Blog Organisation

So, BF&L has been around quite a while now, and if you go back a few years I'm sure you'll find quite a few dodgy posts. That being said, I've kept the same sort of organisation system this entire time and in my opinion it works rather well. This being said. I don't like to force myself to publish half-hearted content. So, if I'm not feeling like posting, I won't. 

For me, blog organisation centres around three main things; notepads, a diary and tweet scheduling. I always find myself with multiple blogging notepads on the go, each with pages of ideas, lists, things to do etc. I find that if I don't write a post idea down as it comes to me, I tend to forget about it. Then, when it comes to writing a post, all I need to do is turn to one of the aforementioned notebooks, flick to the most recent page and choose a topic to write about. 

This is also where the diary comes into play. I like to write my posts a few days in advance to make sure that I'm totally happy with them by the time it comes to pressing publish. So, having a calendar or diary really helps to lay out what's going up when, and thus what to finish off first. Also, with all my upcoming posts written before me, I can distribute them evenly throughout the week. For example, rather than posting 3 recipe posts consecutively, I can spread them out by posting a lookbook and a beauty review in between them, for example. 

The other thing a diary helps with is tweet scheduling. I love using twitter to promote BF&L, and always tweet a new post's link as soon as it's up. But this even happens when I'm out and about, and have no access to the internet? Nope, it's not magic, it's the beauty that is scheduled tweets. If you know when a post is going up, you can tweet the link and schedule it for when the post is live. Amazing, ey? Personally I use Hootsuite, but I know there are many other websites that offer the same service and I would wholeheartedly recommend giving it a go. Especially if you have readers on the other side of the world, who are asleep while you're awake and posting, and will have missed your tweets during the day!

How do you stay blog organised?