Wednesday 17 September 2014

The story of Kevin

Six weeks ago, a girl and her family once again found themselves in Supertarget. They were on holiday in Florida, and were stocking up on the essentials; Lucky Charms, Pop Tarts, Icebreakers etc as every tourist does. The girl's father stumbled across a sports aisle, and discovered a whole selection of longboards for sale. He immediately searched for his daughter, and with that, Kevin was born.

It's fair to say I grew rather attached with the aforementioned longboard while I was in Florida. I mean, I named it for goodness sake. I took him for many a ride in the sun and my confidence on the board grew and grew.

On the penultimate day of our holiday - or 'vacation,' if you will - I realised that Kev wasn't actually going to fit in any of the suitcases we'd taken with us. Cue a massive panic on my behalf. The morning of our flight we returned to Supertarget, and left with Duct tape, bubble wrap and a pair of scissors. Kev was going in the hold.

At the airport the lovely man checking us in, took Kev to the plane himself to avoid him getting broken on the belt. When we touched down, I sent my parents on a mission to pick Kev up, off the belt, before someone else did.

Fast forward a few days, I'm proudly showing Elliot, my boyfriend - who taught me to longboard - my new baby. The only problem - the trucks weren't loose enough. So, a quick stop at home was a necessity. However, on our way home the unthinkable happened.

Kevin got run over by a car. I was whizzing round a corner - but obviously Kev couldn't turn corners... Crunch. A black Corsa ran over the board, that had previously shot out under my feet.

It's fair to say I'd grown quite attached to this inanimate object, and nor Elliot or I knew quite what to say... My Dad has since bought me another board - not like Kevin, I hasten to add - but I've decided not to grow too attached, and so thus it still remains nameless. 

I'm not sure why I felt so compelled to tell you the story of Kevin, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless.



  1. I really did enjoy this story and I can see why you grew so attached. I would be scared to name the new one too!

  2. NO WAY that's gutting, I am actually serious, when something is so special and can't be replaced- my bf wore my mums ring I gave him round his neck and we lost it shopping in brighton, I am still devastated :( xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

  3. How sad! I feel weird saying this but Kevin looks beautiful... I kind of want one just for decoration in my room!

  4. Haha quite the story, I'm sure Kevin is looking down from longboard heaven giving that Corsa the middle finger!

    Sinéad :D

  5. RIP Kevin. I'm actually gutted for you :(


  6. I hope he gets better :(