Saturday 16 August 2014

Things I Learnt Whilst In Florida...

And...... back to reality. I recently spent a fortnight in America, and I honestly had a fantastic time. I did so many great things and the weather was absolutely glorious. I ate my bodyweight in food, and then walked miles and miles and miles. Anyway, back to what I learnt while I was on holiday:

- Pizza rolls are the best snack ever. They're so easy to prepare, and they're just great.
- Being called 'Princess' makes me cringe. I know it's protocol, but I found being called princess by the staff at Disney really awkward aha.
- No matter how fast you run to the car while it's raining, you're going to get absolutely soaked no matter what.
- Supertarget is the best supermarket ever.
- Summit Plummet is a fantastic ride, despite looking absolutely terrifying.
- Queueing as a single rider is always the best.
- Air con is such a fabulous invention.
- Lucky Charms is the best cereal I've ever tried.
- Disney Magicbands are so handy, I'd definitely recommend them.
- Rip Ride Rockit is best when ridden at night.
- 'It's a small world' stopping while you're on it is not fun.
- Taco Bell is urmmmmm, 'interesting'...
- Snorkelling with sharks and stingrays is surprisingly good fun.
- My family are a lovely bunch. (But that's technically cheating, as I already knew that)



  1. By queuing as a single rider I avoided a three hour wait and still got on the rollercoaster with my sister! This was such a cute post ^.^ Love the photo, very tumblr-esque.

    niamh /

  2. Oh my god where did you stay?! It looks exactly like where I stayed when i went!! I hated Disney World, but loved Universal so so much! And sounds like you went to discovery cove? Also awesome! Ahh I wanna go again! x
    amber love

  3. This sounds AMAZING although I don't think I would like the pet names at disney world, the pizza rolls sound awesome though xxx

  4. YES TO THE ROCKIT! Rollin' is the best song for it. Snorkelling with sharks has been my favourite part so far.

  5. Oh and also, the Haunted Mansion broke down while I was on it. That was interesting!

  6. Those shorts are so adorable! Travelling to America sounds like a dream, I'm sure you had an amazing time.

  7. It all sounds so awesome, I'm desperate to go! Also, I love that outfit - even from behind it looks great xD