Wednesday 5 March 2014

Wednesday's Wishes & Wants 003

Wow. Is that some colour in this weeks wishlist? You can definitely tell that spring is on it's way when pastel colours start popping up here, there and everywhere. But seriously though, is that coat not the prettiest shade of pink ever? Oh, and these wishlists are seriously bad for my bank account, why are there so many pretty things.

Another wishlist, another white shirt. Sorry. Oh, and here we have more gingham. Once again, sorry. But we've all seen everyone and their Mum, with this skirt, but only recently have I fallen in love with it.

I've never been one for pastel coloured handbags, however, I think this is such a pretty peachy shade and the actual style is just so lovely and casual. I don't think I can carry pale pinks off very well - being the ghostly shade of white I am - but, I'm currently in love with this jacket. Oh, and I think the cleanser looks lovely - despite Aurelia being a brand I haven't heard too much about - but I'd love to give it a go.

What's currently on your wishlist?
Have you bought anything recently?

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