Sunday 2 March 2014

This Week I... (#22)

Watched Woman In Black. I've been putting it off for a while as I'm not a massive fan of horror films, but wow, I'm so glad I watched it. It wasn't actually that scary, just really jumpy. But, the ending was so unexpected... I don't want to give anything away, but if you haven't already seen it. Watch it.

Discovered Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Puddles. Oh wow. These things are incredible. As most of you'll already know, I'm obsessed with anything salted caramel. And these chocolate buttons are no different. They're just incredible.

Have been working out. Yeah. Yep, you did read that correctly. With summer and bikini season on it's way it seems like the perfect time to tone up. I've been doing zumba (at home) as well as a few games of Just Dance. 

Have #madeitmineral. I've been trying a Sheer Cover* kit this week in a bid to see if I prefer mineral makeup, to my usual favourite products. I don't want to give the game away, but it's a bit of a mixed bag so far.

Watched Mean Girls 2 for the first time. Let me start by saying I absolutely love the original, it's my favourite film in the world. Which, as you can probably guess, meant I had massive expectations for the second. It was good, but it wasn't great. Soz.

Have been looking after my nails. After seeing a couple of posts on nail care, I decided it was about time I gave my nails some tlc. I've never let my nails go so long without polish, and I'm not going to lie I think they look really weird - I'm so used to having them painted.

What do you think of Woman In Black?
Have you seen Mean Girls 2?



  1. Great post, sounds like a good week - although don't think Woman In Black is my type of film!

    Kate xo /

  2. Wow those chocolate buttons sound right up my street! Mean Girls is probably in my top 5 films, so obviasly the second version wasn't going to live up to expectations, it was ok, I have seen worse haha :)
    xxx Claire

  3. The Hotel Chocolate buttons sound amazing! I always get stuff from them as they do quite a lot of vegan chocolate. Love the woman in black too!

    Catherine, xo // LLV Blog

  4. I love the Woman in Black- especially the ending! Those chocolates look amazing.. :)

  5. I am in LOVE with your blog! Just been scrolling through for the past 20 minutes, love love love! Woman in Black is scary as hell, I just got the US plug in for Netflix which you can download and it gives you so many movies, you need to try it! xo

  6. I'm surprisingly not overwhelmed by sheer cover, in fact i was disappointed! Love woman in black, great filmxx

  7. I've always known about Mean Girls 2 but I've been really dubious about watching it. It looks like it would be terrible!x

  8. I finally got around to watching 'the woman in black' the other month, everyone kept going on about how scary it was! But like you said it is very jumpy rather than scary and I was not expecting that ending at all.

    Those chocolates look so yummy!


  9. Woman in Black scared me, especially for a 12A but I am quite a wimp ;') xx

  10. I love Just Dance and use it to try and keep my fitness up and weight where I want it. After having to give up dancing a few years ago after doing it for 20 years this gives me the chance to still get a bit of dancing in. I wasn't actually that keen on the film version of The Woman in Black but if you liked the film you've got to see the play, it's absolutely amazing x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty