Tuesday 10 December 2013

The London Sleepover

Saturday and Sunday were lovely. Combine bloggers, pizza, shopping and Mean Girls for the perfect bloggy weekend. Holly and I, took the coach up to London once again, and were met at Victoria by Jaye, ready for our weekend of fun.

First thing on the agenda, was dropping our bags off at Jaye's. Despite packing incredible light, I din't really feel the need to carry my pyjamas and toothbrush around central London - just me? Next stop was the infamous Westfields shopping centre. Wow. I'd never been before, and I certainly wasn't expecting it to be so busy let alone so big! I think my favourite shop was definitley the Yankee Candle pop up shop. Sooooo many lovely scents and discounted prices led to only one thing - a few Christmasy wax tarts! 

By the time we'd finished the days retail therapy, it was time to head back and decide what/where we wanted to go for dinner. However, it was only when we got back that we realised how tired we were and laziness had crept upon me. The only choice for a lazy night in: Dominos. (The bigger the better - a girl needs to eat breakfast ya know)

After eating enough pizza to feed the five thousand, we had a lovely evening painting our nails, with Mean Girls playing in the background. You go Glen Coco! Hours of chatting passed by, meaning it was definitely time to catch up on some sleep.

With Sunday came the #WWMeetUp - a day of festivities in Winter Wonderland. It was lovely to meet so many bloggers, and to see Islay again. I had a lovely time wandering around, looking at the stalls and getting into the whole festive spirit. One rookie error: Jaye, Holly nor I, had any cash with us, so we quickly ran back to Oxford Street to find a cashpoint. One thing led to another, and Jaye had to sprint back, to fetch her card from her coat, back at home. Meanwhile Holly and I had fun wandering around 'Elfridges' and I fell in love with the White Company all over again.

Food time. We decided to pop to Burgers and Cocktails, and I had a delicious 'simple' burger, delicious. A quick stroll down Regents Street later, it was time to hop back on the coach, just in time for the final of I'm A Celebrity.

If you're reading this Jaye: thank you for letting us stay, and for hosting such a fab weekend!

What did you do at the weekend?
Have you got into the festive spirit yet?



  1. Aw this sounds lovely! Great that you've made good friends through blogging! :)

  2. Oh dear how bad do I look in the first photo?! Lovely post though, it's so nice that you made a weekend of the meet up. It was great to meet you, albeit for such a short amount of time!


  3. Awwww way to much fun!
    So jealous :)
    I live in Plymouth and would love a blogger meet up :)

    Kelly from DayDreamsDaisyChains.com :)

  4. Looks like so much fun! x

  5. This whole weekend just looks like so much fun and all sparkly and christmasy. I am very jealous Gisforgingers. xx

  6. This sounds absolutely perfect! So glad you've made lovely friends, really nice xxx


  7. Oh wow I am in love with your blog! it's so pretty! I loved this post, it seems like you had a lovely weekend! Bloggers, christmas and mean girls is always the perfect combo! :D