Sunday 13 October 2013

This Week I... (#3)

Went to London with my Mum and Sister. We had a lovely day, and I specifically went for the Matalan Movie Club - you can read more about my time at the event here. I also did a spot of shopping, so expect to see a haul tomorrow!

Had a haircut. I didn't have anything major done - no mohawks here unfortunately, I just had a trim, yet lots of people told me my hair looked much longer afterwards?!? But while I was there my hairdresser asked if we'd like to look after Ralphie (her cockerpoo in the above photo) next weekend - definitely! So expect to see him in next weeks post!

Had a delicious creamy cooler. A bit of a random one, but I had one of these yesterday while tidying my room - perfect! My favourite thing is definitely the whipped cream and toffee sauce combo, on the top! This was the largest size and even I couldn't finish it - which if you know me is a major shock!

Spent my Matalan Vouchers. While at the aforementioned event in London, in our goodie bags we were given £20 worth of vouchers to spend instore. I had a little nose around my local Matalan today, and picked up one thing that you'll also see very soon!

Finally picked up InStyle magazine. I've been meaning to buy this for days, but only just found a copy instock! I'm so excited to try the Ren goodies - plus this was practically half price at only £2 instead of £3.90!

Moved everything around in my room. Yep. Typical Friday night then. I blame Pinterest and Tumblr for the sudden need to move reorganize everything. I even changed my nail polish storage set up. I really like how it looks now though, and I think I'm going to be changing the colour scheme too. But more on that another day!

Pretended I was Gaylord Focker. For one of our Spanish writing assessments we had to be a character from a film. Which meant I spent the majority of the week and last weekend learning this essay. Yes, I was that muppet sat on the National Express to London, learning her essay.

What have you done this week?
What's your favourite drink from Costa?


  1. jajajaja That's very funny, I'm spanish and I love your blog!

  2. I'm so excited, going to London next weekend! Can't wait :D xx