Thursday 3 October 2013

September Favourites

Week to week, month to month, I tend to use more or less the same products. I mean, if I find a few products I love I'll reach for those over any others I own. Bad I know. Which is why I've been thinking about doing some shopping my stash type posts - what do you think?

Cream shadows are literally my favourite things at the moment. There's nothing easier when it comes to eye makeup, than swiping a bit of cream eyeshadow on your lid followed by a coat of mascara. Maybelline's On and On Bronze (left) is a new product to my collection, but I love it! I'm going to be writing a full review of this soon, so for now, I'll leave you with: it's lovely.  Mac's Rubenesque (right) is amazing. I've featured it in so many posts but I literally wore this for 3 weeks straight, which really is saying something!

L'Oreals Micellar Solution is my favourite makeup remover at the moment. I haven't tried Bioderma but I can imagine it being very similar to this. I just pour a little on a cotton pad and then wipe my make up away with it. This takes off my mascara really easily without making my eyes sore or red.

I'm definitely a lipstick kinda girl, yes a lipgloss is pretty but having your hair stuck to your face really isn't. Limited Collection's Melba Blush is a gorgeous glossy corally shade. It lasts really well, and I'm super impressed considering these bad boys are only £5 each!

I always powder my concealer to help it last all day and recently I've been using Natural Collection's Loose Powder. It's a really finely milled powder and it lasts about 5 or 6 hours before it needs to be topped up. 
A bit of a random one, but I love Bath and Body Works' Sweet Pea hand sanitiser. It smells amazing and whenever I use this, I always get so many people ask me what perfume I'm wearing or what I've just used. The worst thing about this is the accessibility - I bought this in Florida, and other than on eBay I can't find anywhere to buy these.

I reviewed this Cien moisturiser a couple of days ago, and it's still a firm favourite of mine. It makes my skin soooo soft plus it sinks in really quickly. It does have a funny sort of clinical smell, but for £1.99 I'm not going to grumble.

L-R: Maybelline's On and On Bronze, Mc's Rubenesque and Limited Collections Melba Lipstick Blush

What are your favourites this month?
Have you tried any Color Tattoos?


  1. Those cream shadows look lovely! x

  2. I love on and on bronze, it's so gorgeous but the MAC shadow looks just as lovely! And I really like the limited collection range, it's great and the lipsticks are so good and cheap.


  3. That lipstick is gorgeous! I really need to start trying out coral shades, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled!

    Alana Gets Healthy

    1. It is, isn't it??!
      Yeah, they're such wearable colours!xx

  4. I know what you mean about the availability of Bath and Body Works stuff. I discovered some amazing products in America, I really wish they'd open a store over here x