Thursday 14 February 2013

Valentines Day Bakerdays Cake!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! I recently received a really exciting tweet from Vikki who writes the blog Victoria's Vintage. She told me that I'd won her recent giveaway! The prize was a cake from the brand Bakerdays

Before reading Vikki's blog I'd never heard of this brand, but I'm very impressed with the cake I received! This cake is called the 'Love Birds Valentines Cake' and costs £14.99 including delivery.

It arrived in a white box, which contained a yellow tin, a discount voucher, a card and some love heart sweets. The cake was inside the yellow tin, which I think adds a really cute touch to this product, and makes it feel more luxurious! Plus it's reusable, and prettier than a cellophane wrapper!

I must say that this cake was absolutely delicious! The sponge was really light and fluffy and the icing was really rich!

The only downfall was the size....Shame it wasn't bigger - this is the 'Letterbox Size' and it says it serves 4-5 portions. I think the fact that this cake can be personalised is brilliant!

Have you tried a Bakerdays cake?
Have you done anything special today?


  1. Hi Becca, congrats on winnning, that sound like a really neat prize to win. :) I have never heard of this brand, i'm going to have a look at their website.

  2. aw that is so cute! looks lovely, congratulations on winning.
    thanks for sending your link from the #bbloggers chat I'm following you now :) what a gorgeous blog you have xo