Sunday 27 January 2013

Rainbow Bead Creations*.......

Today's post is going to be about an absolutely gorgeous bracelet, I was sent the other day to review....

It's from the company Rainbow Bead Creations. They sell wholesale beads, accessories and lots of different handmade bracelets. They have a variety of  Shamballa bracelets as well as some beautiful 'Pandora style' bracelets.

The bracelet I chose was a pink 'Pandora style' bracelet.

 It has 10 beads and one pretty heart shaped charm. It's an amazing quality and definitely really well made! It fits my wrist perfectly, and looks far more expensive than it actually is!

 This bracelet retails for around £10, which I think is really good, and certainly doesn't break the bank.

Overall, I really recommend this bracelet and I think It'll be the bracelet I wear everyday! It's so pretty without being over the top.

 I've thought about getting an authentic Pandora bracelet but have gone against it due to the price. I'd also be too scared to wear it in case I broke it. I think this bracelet is a brilliant alternative, as I guess you could add some more of your own beads if you wanted to, to make it more personal!

You can buy one of these bracelets on their ebay page, or by sending Louise an email at: 

You can also follow their Twitter page here.