Thursday 1 November 2012

High Beam For £1??

Well, not quite... But still, I finally managed to get hold of Poundland's dupe....

Chit Chat is the name of Poundland's range of make up. They sell foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows etc, I'm not interested in those things in the slightest. This highlighter, was however, a completely different story. 

When I finally managed to find a store with this in stock I was honestly so excited to try it out! I've heard many people mention this product previously so I knew I had to try it!  As I've been using a High Beam sample for months now and I well and truly love it! I don't however love the price tag. At £18.50?? it's a steep price.

I haven't properly tried the Poundland dupe yet, but here's a comparison, aesthetically:
  • The brush in High Beam is better quality and a better size/shape. But you can't really complain and CC because it was a £1.
  • CC is a whiter colour with HB being the pinker option.
  • They have exactly the same packaging, however CC's is a thicker more robust plastic.
Other than that I don't really see any differences...

But, when I have tried them both out properly and can appropriately compare them - I will!!


  1. Everyone seems to be loving the dupe, I agree £18.50 is a bit steep and that has kept me away from it but I always worry as to the ingredients of some pound land make up xxx

  2. Haven't seen anyone say anything about this dupe will have to check it out be great if it works as well, you should do a review on this when you have used it more.

  3. sounds good so far would love to see a review when you have tried it a bit more xx

  4. Replies
    1. Let me know what you think of it, once you've tried it :D

  5. This looks like an amazing dupe - will definitely buy it when I'm next in Poundland! Thanks for telling me about it :) xxx