Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hmmm..... I Can't Choose.....

Okay, so I'm the kind of person who isn't very good at making decisions. I also get bored of things really quickly - which is why I need your help.....

If you frequently read my blog you may have noticed that, I keep changing my blog header. So this is where you guys come into it.....

Which header have you / do you like the most?
What would you change to make it even better?
Should I change the colour scheme?

I make all of my headers myself - in case you were wondering!

Please feel free to comment below, tweet me: @beccasfandl or email me at: 

Anyway onto the blog headers.....

Header 1

Header 2
Header 3

Header 4


  1. Hello my Favorite is .... header number 4

  2. My favourite is the last one :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. My favourite is header two :) but they are all pretty x

  4. The last one is my favourite :)


  5. The last one is my favourite! Love how its simple but pretty :)

    Rupinder x