Sunday 24 June 2012

The summers getting closer.....

Today I quickly popped into Primark, because I was waiting for Subway too open- 6" meatball marinara on italian bread, if you were wondering.

Anyway, as I went in there were rails and rails of summer clothes in the sale. And you know me, had to have a quick look, and ooh was I pleased. There were shorts, tops and playsuits as well as the usual sale tat.

I only spent £10 because, as I aforementioned,I only went in too kill time. But what I did purchase definitely made up for the little under an hour, I spent in there, with my Dad.

The items I chose are all for my holiday, so they are very colourful and patterned. I got 2 bandeau tops. One with cars printed on it, yes a Prada dupe and the other a navy floral one. I also bought a bright, striped tank top with the tie at the bottom. Another thing I bought was an aztec tube skirt.

These items I may only wear once while on holiday but you can't complain considering the price.

Car Bandeau: £1
Floral Bandeau: £1
Striped Tank Top: £4
Aztec Tube Skirt: £2

White Stretch Cami: £2 *not pictured*


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  2. Love the aztec print skirt - and for £2 that's an absolute steal!

    - Becky xo

    (Found you via the Blog Hop)

    1. Ahh, so do I, I couldn't believe it, when I saw the price ticket :D

      Yay, I was your 10th blog follower :)

      And I absolutely LOVE the rings on your ebay store :Dxx