Saturday 23 June 2012

Easy To Do Make Up Storage....

I thought I'd do a quick blog post on my make up storage. I only keep the things that I know I will use out, and then other items I keep in my chest of drawers.

   To give your make up an organized feel, keep all your products in separate boxes like I have. They can be anything from old tupperware boxes to cupcake boxes. 

Also if you have old candles in glass jars, scrape out any left over wax, with a knife. Then pour boiling water over the metal wick placed in the bottom, to melt the glue, then scrape that out with the knife. 

Another thing is to pile up products you use on a daily basis, and put pretty ornaments and trinkets in front of them.  

Look around your house, there are bound to be storage items that you can use. Like, this woven basket for example. It fits all my vaseline's in and keeps them organized. 



  1. I have lots of vaseline lip balms too!! One for each bag :P

    I found your blog through the bbloggers unite blog hop!

    Amy xx