Sunday 8 March 2015


Oooh, is that a slight redesign I hear you ask? Yes, yes it is and I currently really like it. I was starting to get bored of the old look and fancied a change, a spring clean if you will. (Speaking of which, I recently restarted my Instagram feed for spring @beccasfashionandlife, so feel free to have a nose.) 

Anyway, I know you're probably wondering about the sweatshirt* I'm wearing in the above photo... And no, I'm not bringing out merch in case you were wondering. This is in fact a one off piece, limited edition if you will.

This sweatshirt is from Leavers Hoodies, and if you hadn't already noticed, is emblazoned with my new blog logo. I love it. It's the softest sweatshirt I own AND IT HAS MY BLOG LOGO ON?! Crazy. 

It arrived very quickly considering it was custom made, and the quality is great. I know I might be slightly bias, but isn't it cool. (For reference, mine is a medium and I usually wear a UK women's 8.) One thing to mention, it smells slightly odd, and I can only put it down to the printing? But I'm sure that will fade soon.

It hasn't taken a trip to the washing machine yet, so I can't report back on that. But I'm assuming it will wash okay? I will keep you updated.



  1. Your jumper looks amazing! Loving the new design too :)

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  2. That's so cool! I love it! Also love the redesign!

  3. That's cute and I'd love to create my own. Love the new redesign too!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  4. That is SUCH a cute idea, I love it, and I love the redesign as well :)

    Sophie x

  5. That is the greatest sweatshirt ever! Worn with pride as well :) x

    Laura at Lola and Behold

  6. Loving the spruce up on the blog! And this is so cool that you can custom design jumpers?! I remember getting my leavers hoodie and the only thing we could pick was the colour - it never crossed my mind that you could customize the design too. It looks so cool :)

    Cats In Crop Tops

  7. Interesting post! Love your style of writing and your pictures!
    Wish you good luck with your blog! And will be happy to see you in my!

    Best wishes,
    Diana Cloudlet

  8. Such a cool jumper :) I bet this is perfect to lounge around in!
    Rachel Coco

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  10. Nice sweatshirt you are wearing,so you look like very beautiful.I think anyone wear this jumper she feel comfy.

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