Wednesday 18 June 2014

Updates, Updates, Updates

Despite posting a couple of times in the last few weeks, I didn't really have the motivation to post, and for that I am sorry. But now the summer's here, I'm free to do as I please, which includes posting more regularly - hooray!

To kick start this whole process, I decided to give BF&L a complete overhaul. I seem to go through so many blog designs, but I honestly think this one's a keeper. (I said that last time too...) Also, feel free to check out my blog design shop, I'd love to redesign your blog for you!

I'm going to start offering advertising, here on Becca's Fashion and Life, and I'd love to have your button in my sidebar! There are two packages available, and you can see those here.

I have a feeling the next fortnight is going to be a busy one. I have; my last exam, leavers day, prom as well as quite a few parties to attend. But I'm going to try my very best to post almost everyday, as I did before exams kicked in! 

I'm going to try and incorporate more fashion related content into my schedule, which I'm personally quite excited about, I don't know about you? I'm also going to be on Twitter and Instagram a lot more, so feel free to give me a follow!

Anyway, I think that's enough admin related rambling for today. How are you? What have you been up to recently? What do you have planned for the summer?