Thursday 27 March 2014

A Spring Fashion Haul

I've been rather restrained on the ol' shopping front recently, but with a purse full of birthday money, the inevitable happened. Becca bought more clothes she doesn't need. Now Becca's wardrobe is looking rather full again, despite clearing it out recently.

H&M is definitely one of my favourite shops at the moment. Everything is just so pretty, plus it's so reasonably priced! The white daisy embroided top was only £12.99. What?! It's so delicate and I can't wait to wear it with a pair of denim shorts in the summer! I know I bought yet another white top, but I had to have this little, collared, £7.99 number.

I also bought this skirt in H&M for £7.99. I love the design, plus it's nice to have a skirt that's not a skater style in my wardrobe! I bought the cobalt bag from Matalan with a gift voucher* and I love it. I'm going to be using for school, as it's the ideal size, plus it was only £15!

And finally, I bought a couple of pieces in good ol' Primark. The little coral satchel was only £6, and I think it's going to look lovely in the summer! The embroided dress was only £5. Bargain. Roll on the warmer months.



  1. I love the blue bag & the white daisy top!x

  2. Great shopping Haul, love it all but the bags are fabulous.


  3. Love the colours you've got! Perfect for Spring :)

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  4. They all look so gorgeous together, I love the blue bag though :)

    Kate xo //

  5. Great haul! Love the bag :)

  6. I love the satchel bag such a lovely colour!
    Rachel XX

  7. That bag is a serious bargain! Love your haul.

  8. Looks like the bags are a winner! I definitely have to revisit H&M, I haven't been in ages and they seem to have some real finds at the minute!


  9. everything is so nice, great picks here! Really love the coral satchel & is the blue patterned thing a skirt? whatever it is, it looks really pretty! I know i'm completely the same as you,I have recently just had my birthday and just can't resist!
    Rosie xxx

  10. Both the bags you've bought are pretty. I love the colours - the coral satchel is my fave but I do like them both. I need a new bag for Spring

  11. Love all the pops of colour in this haul! The blouses are so pretty too Xx