Thursday 6 February 2014

Party. Party. Party.

I love a good ol' pamper. Whether it be a Lush bath with candles in the winter or just a face mask and film, I love it. On Saturday I had a party to attend, so a pamper was a necessity! After a load of flapping around I decided on an outfit. A black skater dress - without the usual black tights - so a tan was in order.

But first, a quick scrub with Pulp Friction later, my skin was feeling soft, smooth and prepped. Clean On Me is my current favourite body wash of choice as it already contains moisturing lotion - perfect for those lazy days! Plus it smells incredible.

I've mentioned M&S' Coconut Body Butter a few times now, but it's just so lovely. A quick layer of this and my skin feels lovely and nourished. So, step up Cocoa Brown Tan*. I love this stuff. It's so easy to use and I really like the colour - a nice, natural bronze. I tend to leave this on for a few hours...

In the mean time I like to paint my nails - Essie's Parka Perfect if you were wondering. When it comes to hair oils I'm a complete novice, but the Hask Argan Oil is amazing! It leaves my hair feeling so lovely plus a little goes a really long way!

A quick rinse later, the tan is removed and left behind is a lovely 'just been on holiday?' colour. I then did something I rarely do... Straightened my hair. Yep. You read that correctly. Becca tackled the frizz.

Do you like getting glammed up?
Have you tried any of these products?



  1. I'm addicted to hair oils, but I've never heard of the Hask one. Definitely need to add it to my list to try.

    Maxine, xx

  2. I absolutely adore Soap and Glory's product names. Pulp Friction gave me a serious giggle!

  3. Soap and glory clean on me is one of my favourites shower gels, it's so moisturising and least for ages too, a little really does go a long way :)
    xxx Claire