Friday 17 January 2014

Nuxe Reve De Miel

Here we have my first ever Space NK purchase - wow, that's a beautiful shop. I'd heard so much about this infamous balm, so that when I spotted it, I obviously had to take a peek. And I was besotted. So much that my Dad kindly offered to buy it for me.

Texture wise, this is relatively thick, and I definitely consider this as more of a mask than a balm - it's that incredible. But unlike other balms - this has a matte texture, which I personally love! I tend to use this in the evenings so that when I wake up, my lips are perfectly soft and smooth. I would say that this has a really pleasant scent (sort of orangey?), but it's certainly not too overpowering.

The little frosted glass pot makes this balm that little bit better, as I think it's just so chic. Plus, it's actually a really good size so this pot is definitely going to last a while!

Okay, so yes it is expensive. But, I can whole heartedly say that I think it's worth the £9.50 price tag, and I'll certainly be repurchasing!.
Have you tried this lip balm?
What do you think of Nuxe products?



  1. I. Love. This!

    Kate xo |

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it just?!
      Oooh, I'll have to look out for those!xx

  3. This looks gorgeous. I should probably invest in a really good balm, this might be the one!

  4. i never tried it - but heard so many great things about it :)

  5. This sounds amazing. Onto my WL it goes and I'll be purchasing it as soon as I use up a few of my current lip balms :)

  6. I have held of buying this for so long, but everyone says how lovely it is & that it's worth the price tag. I might have to give in & treat my lips

  7. I'm such a massive fan of this lip balm! I've just bought the stick version which is better if you want something light for daytime :) xx

    1. Ooooh, really?!
      I'll definitely have to look into that!xx

  8. Ahh I love this lip balm so much!

    Sophie x

  9. What's odd is that this was also my ever Space NK purchase! :D

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  10. Dying to try this! How kind of your dad to buy it for you :) x