Wednesday 18 December 2013

Bourjois Petale De Glace Cream Eyeshadow

Oh cream eyeshadows, this is beginning to become a bit of an obsession. So, I obviously had to give Bourjois' offerings a go - lets just call it research and all that. These are only £6.99, which puts them on the lower end of the spectrum.

While in London, Holly and I spent what felt like an eternity swatching gorgeous Mac paintpots. But neither us could decide on a shade, so we decided to pop into Boots to continue the hunt for the perfect shade. This little beauty: Petale De Glace caught our eyes, so immediately jumped into my basket.

In the end, Holly and I both bought this, which lead to lovely idea for a collaborative post. We've been using this for the last week or so and haven't mentioned it at all. We're both going to be reviewing it today - so definitely pop over to Holly's blog to see what she thinks!

These shadows come in little plastic jars, which to be perfectly honest do feel rather cheap - but they certainly do their job. Okay, so texture wise: these are actually quite dry compared to other cream shadows I've tried, but I can see where the whole 'cream to powder texture' claim comes from. As this bad boy doesn't budge at all, throughout the day and I haven't experienced any creasing either!

Shade wise Petale De Glace is a shimmery, coppery, dusky pink - if that makes any sense?! But in certain lights can look more of a mauvey colour, which I think looks really pretty at this time of year - especially with some deeper hues blended into the crease.

Have you tried any of these shadows?
What do you think of Bourjois' products?



  1. This is very pretty, it isn't as bronze looking as the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's, to me it has hints of rose gold which makes it quite unusual; certainly nothing like I currently own in my make up collection.
    Amy x
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Isn't it just!
      You should definitely give one a go!xx

  2. I really like this... I love the Colour Tattoos, but the colour range isn't the best.
    This is I'd say a mix between On and On Bronze and Pink Gold, such a unique colour! I need it in my life!!
    Estelle x

  3. I really want to try these out, I love cream eyeshadows as much as the next person they are just amazing!


  4. lol "obsession" is a good word for it - but yes, every girl needs a go-to cream shadow. They are long-lasting and gives us a rich, lux look. I like the color on you. It would look good on most people.
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  5. This looks gorgeous on your eyes! lovely colour xxx

  6. As usual, this isn't available in Australia yet! :( We love the shade though because it reminds us so much of Maybelline's colour tattoo in Bad to the bronze. We agree, it is perfect for this time of year!