Wednesday 28 August 2013

Mac Rubenesque Paintpot Review

In Duty Free, before I made my way to Venice, I bought Mac's Rubensque paintpot. Originally I'd intended to purchase Bare Study, but it was out of stock. And now I've got this one, I'm quite glad it wasn't available!

I never really hear much about this shade, and I can't understand why, it's gorgeous! It's a shimmery, coppery colour. But once it has been blended out it  becomes a gorgeous golden peach shade. It can either be blended out all over the lid as a subtle shimmer or it can be builded up to an opaque colour.

If I'm feeling lazy or if I don't have very much time on my hands for intricate smokey eyes. I'll wear this on it's own with a little bit of mascara. But it looks equally as pretty as a base for other shadows. I tend to apply this with my fingers, which makes it even easier to use.

I love the packaging of these Paintpots, the little glass jars look really pretty on my dressing table. The lids are really sturdy so there's no risk of this leaking in my make up bag.

I find the lasting power is brilliant, and I never need to reapply this during the day, which is perfect. It was only £12.50, and it's definitely my favourite eye product at the moment! These currently retail for £15 which isn't toooo bad, but then again, I won't be collecting all of the shades at £15 a pot.

Have you got Rubenesque?
What do you think of Paintpots?


  1. there was so much hype around Rubenesque a few years ago on youtube! I wanted it since then but never got my hands on it. now that I've seen it again, I want it even more, it's just right up my street. :)

    Eve x |

  2. Looks like a great shade! I love little pots of cream eyeshadows - so good for when you don't have much time, like you said x

    Amy / srslylou

  3. What a gorgeous colour! I may have to purchase this shade when im next in Mac!

    A Fashion Fix

  4. this is absolutely gorgeous.. I wanna get soft ochre :) xx

  5. Ooh that's pretty! Looks a bit similar to the Maybelline 24 Hour colour tattoo in On & On Bronze but a bit lighter, so pretty! :)

  6. Soo pretty!

    Lovely blog, would love you to follow back :)

    Frankie xxx

  7. I really really want this but I feel like it resemble Half Baked from Naked just paint pot edition. Grrr so conflicted! Fab review tho! xxx


  8. This is a lovely colour!

    Rachel x

  9. I love this, the colour's so lovely! I might have to buy it x

    1. Yeah, isn't it gorgeous!
      Ooooooh, you definitely should :)xx