Sunday 1 July 2012

Elf powder brush.....

I thought I would write a review on my favourite powder brush, the elf powder brush. It retails for £3.75, but is only available online from: However, when I purchased this, it was £3.50. It's part of the professional "studio", brush range.
   Before I bought this, I used a cheap 'face' brush. However, it really, wasn't very good. So I started looking for an affordable, but good, powder brush. I read lots of reviews and read peoples blog posts, and decided, this was the one too try. I definitely wasn't disappointed, with my choice.
   The brush looks like its good quality, and it certainly looks more expensive than it is. It has a long matte black handle, white writing and thick fluffy bristles.
 However, my brush came damaged. It came with massive dents, where the bristles attach to the handle. Also, some of the bristles were damaged. I'm not sure, if my one was damaged. Or if that's what it is meant to be like.
   The actual brush, has a flat top. All the bristles are the same length, which means it applies powder evenly, to the face. Personally I use this for pressed powder, it applies it flawlessly. 
   Elf say it has "anti-bacterial, synthetic hairs", which means they don't spread bacteria across your face, every time you use it. Also, on the website, it says it can be used for applying blush. But I have never used it for that, I use the Elf stippling brush, to apply my blush. The website also says it can be used to apply wet or dry products, but I don't wear liquid foundation, so I cannot review, how well it applies wet products.
   So overall I definitely recommend, this brush. It is inexpensive, really good quality and it doesn't look cheap either.


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