Sunday 17 July 2016

This Week I... (#47)

Started the university shopping. In September I'm planning on being self-catered, and I seem to have compiled a list as long as my arm of kitchen things I'd like. (Let's be real here, how much cooking am I actualllly going to be doing?) But nonetheless, I've bought spatulas and antibacterial floor wipes ... Am I an official adult now?!

Realised I was better in the water than on it. The boy and I went to this sea water obstacle course, and let's just put it this way; I was abysmal. I mean, I have the balance of a one legged donkey so let's just say I spent more time falling off than actually on it. While we were there we also did zorbing, something neither of us had done before. This too required a good sense of balance, so you can imagine how great I was at this. Also, I had no idea how claustrophobic they'd make me feel? It was such a weird feeling being in a giant plastic ball, rolling around on the sea. 

Spent the day at Gunwharf Quays. I love this place. If you haven't been before, it's an outlet shopping centre in Portsmouth with loads of shops and nice restaurants. While we were there I actually enjoyed a free piña colada, as part of Malibu's National Piña Colada Day. Amazing. I also refrained from making any major purchases, as I'm hoping to do such when I go to America in a few weeks...

Bought blue jeans!!!!! This is not a drill!! For the past two years I've worn nothing but black Topshop Leigh/Joni jeans, so much so that it's become a standing joke between my friends. But, while shopping this week I bought these high-waisted blue ones from New Look. They're definitely not my usual taste but I think I'm slowly growing to like them. Thank you, Elliot, for persuading me to get them!!

Made the most delicious pancakes. These were potentially my best banana pancakes to date, they were soooooo delicious. I've written a full post about them here, and they're definitely worth making. I topped mine with fresh strawberries and agave nectar, and they were sooo good. 

What have you done this week?


  1. The photo's in this post are so cute! I loved Gunwharf Quays when I went last year - I got a few bits and pieces ❤ I am also hopeless on water 😂 Love your blog - and this style of post is so cute x

    Much Love, Frances xx

    1. Aaaaaa thank you!!
      It's definitely a skill isn't it, one I clearly don't have ahah
      Thank you!!x

  2. Lovely post, your outfit is perfect!
    Mia x |