Saturday 31 January 2015

My January

So we're one month into January, and so far 2015 has been good fun. I mean, sixth form isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but my friends and I have had a great laugh there nonetheless. We've started a few fortnightly traditions, but it's fair to say the workload has increased threefold. 

On the 1st, we attempted to teach one of our friends how to ride a bike. It was a drizzly, cold day and we didn't completely succeed, but he's getting there, and I'm sure by the summer he'll be great at it.

This month I also got fully signed off on my orthodontic treatment! No more braces, appointments or anything. All I need to continue doing is wear my retainer, hooray.

This month I also helped out at a local pantomime, by doing the makeup for the cast. It was an experience to say the least... But I had brilliant fun doing it, and it's so much easier to do than it looks.

I had one of the Saturday's this month off work as holiday, and that in itself was lovely. I feel like I haven't had a proper weekend in ages. And that evening we introduced Ed to curly fries. They're the best.

I was also asked to model in my friend's photography project this month, and that was a good laugh. I had to wear my prom dress with a mask fit for a masquerade ball. I'm not sure how the photos turned out, as I realllllly don't want to see them aha.

I finally toned my hair this month, having bleached it literally about 6 months ago. I just used an ash blonde colour, and I'm very pleased with how it looks.

AND GUESS WHO SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED THE 30 DAY AB CHALLENGE... I had attempted it before, but never fully finished it, but this time I did and it's fair to say my torso is looking pretty good.



  1. Great month!

  2. Ooh well done you on completing the ab challenge, I may give it a go! I can totally relate to that feeling of being signed off after having braces, it's fab, just don't leave your retainer out for too many nights in a row, it hurts like a bitch putting it back in afterwards! x

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