Saturday, 24 January 2015

American Horror Story - My Thoughts

I love Netflix. I probably spend far too much time on there, but I love it nonetheless. Other than OITNB, American Horror Story is definitely the best thing I've watched on it. I've seen Murder House, Asylum and Coven - but I'm yet to start Freak Show.

Murder House takes place in modern day California, and tells the story of a family that live in a house haunted by its previous deceased occupants. Asylum is set in a home for the criminally insane in 1964 Massachusetts. Coven is set around a group of modern day witches in Louisiana.

My favourite of the three was Murder House by far. I loved the storyline, I loved the characters, I loved the setting, it was great. I also found it really gripping, and I persuaded quite a few people to watch it too. Success.

I found Asylum quite disturbing, but I loved how the plot twisted and changed. However, I did find the whole alien thing a bit ridiculous... Jessica Lange played Sister Jude perfectly, and Evan Peters was brilliant as always.

To be honest I found Coven very dull. It took me soooo long to finish it, as I just wasn't hooked by the story line. Aspects of the previous two seasons were terrifying, which was great, whereas I found Coven to be more humorous than anything. I found Laveau's voodoo particularly interesting, and I thought Jessica Lange did another fantastic job as the Supreme.

Overall, I highly recommend AHS if you; like watching anything horror related, have Netflix or just love Evan Peters.



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  2. I'm currently watching Coven and I know what you mean, I'm finding it really difficult to get into, it's just not that gripping yet. Murder House has been my favourite so far too - Jessica Lange is such a babe! xx


  3. My housemate keeps talking about this, she said she looooves it haha, might give it a try :) xo
    amber love

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