Sunday 6 July 2014

This Week I... (#41)

Had a fab day at the beach. It wasn't overly sunny by any means, and the sea was much colder than I'd anticipated, but we still have a great time. Of the big group of us that went, I was one of the courageous few that braved a swim in the sea. I'd forgotten how much I loved 'beach days' and it was lovely to spend the day with lots of new people.

Wrote out far too many CV's for my liking. I live in quite a (read: very) remote area, and the chances of finding a job locally are rather slim. But nonetheless, this week I filled out lots of application forms, and hopefully I'll hear back from somewhere soon. 

Wore lipstick for the first time in weeks. You may or may not have noticed that beauty products haven't been spoken of around these parts at all, recently. I'm not sure what's happened, but I'm just not as interested in it as much as I was before... I haven't bought any products for months, and I'm basically using the same products everyday. Oops.

Ran my fastest 5k to date. Yay. I say my fastest, it's my only 5k aha. I completed it in 22.17, which I personally don't think is too bad for a first attempt. (I used the Nike Running app, and it's so simple to use. I definitely recommend it!) 



  1. Sounds like you had a good week, I wish I could run 5k! I can hardly manage half a mile...

    Lizzie's Corner

  2. well first i love your hair ! and this beach outfit is pretty :) !
    Woa, that makes me think that i haven't runned since last week, i run so slow oh god, i do 3km in 30minutes hahaha, wish i could run as fast as you without passing out in the end haha
    emma's little box

  3. I love the Nike running app - it's what motivates me to keep up with running. In fact, I'm going for a run now and going to see if I can increase my distance from earlier this week! x

    Lola and Behold

  4. Beach days are the best - can't believe you swam though, very brave! I really want to start running, I'll definitely look into the Nike app as I think I need some kind of plan/motivation to actually get up and start! Xx

    A Blonde Moment

  5. I hate running apps to be honest, I'm the least competitive person ever even against myself so just don't care how fast I run haha. But those trainers look awwweeesome! My trainers are too small for me and have broken my toenails (tmi lol soz) and bruised my toes :( sad to have to get new ones! xo

    amber love

  6. Fairplay with the 5k run! The fastest I can manage is about 40 mins :/ and I'm doing a half marathon in October eeeeek. x

  7. Oh your week sounds just lovely! Those shorts are so cute too.

  8. Oh god job searching is the worst but I wish you all the best. :) I haven't been swimming for a long time, but now you're making me wish I could easily pop down to a beach for a bit because i love swimming in the sea!
    Amy x
    The Creative Outlook