Sunday 22 June 2014

This Week I... (#39)

Finished my exams. I think a massive hooray is in order, and a massive chocolate cake, that would be nice. 26 hours in the exam hall later, I've finished all 22 exams. I can't even express the relief. Also, I never have to wear school uniform ever again, and to me that's such a strange thought.

Gave BF&L a redesign. I know I've already mentioned this but I'm still really liking it. It's really simple, and that's why I think I love it so much. I don't have much more to say, other than I hope you like it!

Bleached my hair. To cut a long story short I had my hair highlighted last summer, and I've been growing them out since, as I really like that sort of beachy look. But I recently decided I wanted my hair to be blonder, so off I went to Boots to pick up a 'blonding kit.' To be honest it doesn't look overly different, so I'm going to wait until prom is out of the way to bleach it again. As to be honest, the thought of dry, crispy, straw hair isn't what I had in mind for prom. 

Joined the Race for Life. Yep. I'm going to be running 5k for Cancer Research, so wish me luck! I still have a couple of weeks to get in shape, so hopefully I'll be able to run the whole thing in a decent time...

Have been eating rather healthily. Having signed up to run 5k, it seemed only logical to start eating copious amounts of fruit and vegetables. Although the chocolate brownie I devoured one afternoon, was honestly the best thing ever.

Went for a celebratory - exams are over - lunch. Wooooo! Dad picked me up after my last exam (further maths, if you're wondering) then we quickly popped back home, so I could get changed and then we went to TGI Friday's, mainly because I've never been, and I fancied a massive burger. It was delicious.



  1. I finished school years ago..but I remember the feeling of it was yesterday! Congrats. x

  2. Ah finishing school is such a great feeling!x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  3. Congrats on finishing exams, I've finished my A levels now which is such a strange feeling!

    Kate xo //

  4. Congrats on finishing school. It really is the weirdest feeling knowing you will never have to go back, amazing but bittersweet. xo

  5. Finishing high school is such a brilliant feeling :) are those pj shorts your wearing in the first picture or actual or actual going out shorts? They are really pretty :)

  6. I've finished too it's such a good feeling not having to worry about anything school related! Lovely pics oh and your hair is magnificent.

  7. Well done! I've just finished Uni and the feeling of relief after ALL THE EXAMS EVER, is just soooo good. Time to celebrate and enjoy the time off!
    I'm planning on signing up for a 5K when I get home. Good luck with yours!



  8. Congrats on finishing your exams, good luck for your results! I've just signed up for the RFL too and am a bit worried about being able to run it all like I'd hoped, but we'll see! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  9. Congrats for your exams, 22 are so much, you're a hero for me ahah. I hope your prom goes magnifically :)
    Miki xx

  10. Well done lovely! I remember finishing GCSEs it's such a good feeling! MMm i could eat at TGI's right now. You are making me feel terrible for my non-healthy lifestyle. I'll be moving back to my parents' house for summer though and they are super healthy so hopefully i'll feel inspired! lovely new blog layout :)

    amber love