Tuesday 20 May 2014

Sun, Sun, Sun.

Oh, how I love the summer. The weather we've had in the UK over the past couple of days has been absolutely glorious. Sunny enough in fact, to entice me outside. It's fair to say I've become a bit of a hermit crab these last few weeks, but you know, when it's got to be done, it's got to be done. 

On Saturday, we went to Weymouth as a family, and it was lovely. We wandered along the beach, ate ice cream and generally just went for an explore. It's fair to say the bazaar isn't on my list of places to visit again, but there were lots of other lovely quaint little shops to visit.

I think we should all start to appreciate the little things more often... This was a really spontaneous trip, and to be honest, didn't really involve much, but it genuinely was great fun. It was lovely just being together, plus who could refuse chocolate ice cream?



  1. Lovely photos, this looks like a really nice area! I love little spontaneous trips, I think those are the ones we appreciate a bit more x

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  2. Oh you Ice Cream tease!! :( haha


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  4. Ah-mazing photos. I wish I was near a beach right now, as the weather in Slovenia is also finally sunny and warm :)


  5. Lovely photos! I can't wait to visit the seaside this summer :)


  6. oh my gosh your photography is gorgeous! i'd love to do more on-location shoots for my blog; but actually, does anyone know what the gadget on the side is called, "join this site with google friend connect"? i'm a newbie blogger and pretty much clueless haha...

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  7. Oh Weymouth! This was the last holiday I took with my parents when I was 15 before I started going on holidays with friends. Loved this place so much! It's changed from what I can see but it has been 12 years! Lovely photos :) and the ice cream looks gorgeous :P xx