Sunday 13 April 2014

This Week I... (#28)

Redecorated my room. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. I've been wanting to paint my room for ages, and this week we did it. If you look back at any of my old photos you'll probably notice that the walls were a bright fuchsia pink. But not anymore. Yay.

 Ate too much pizza. Literally. Although I think I've finally decided that I prefer Dominos to Pizza Hut. That garlic dip. Anyway, pizza is definitely the way to my heart. Pizza, pizza, pizza.

Gave the ol' blog a makeover. I'd had the previous design since new year, which for me, is a very long time. I wanted something more minimalist and simple, and I really like it. Now, I wonder how long this one is going to last...

Went into school during the holidays. Yep. What a good student. Let's hope that made up for this week's procrastination. Anyway, it's so weird going into school when it's empty, but the KFC afterwards with the bestest, more than made up for it. Are we sensing a theme here yet?

Was given the cutest gifts all the way from Rome. Dad was in Rome this week with work, and brought these home with him. 200 tic tacs in one box. Whaaaaat? He ventured into a Kiko store and got quite a few strange looks apparently. Bless him.


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  1. I love dominos too I always have to order extra dips
    Rachel XX

  2. I've been in school in the holidays too! Boo you revision!! Loving your new design xx

  3. I love your new blog layout, it's really pretty but simple and fresh :) Good luck with your revision! x

  4. I prefer Dominos, but we don't have one near where we live any more since moving! Pizza Hut is still yum so we make do ;)

    How lovely of your Dad to bring back some pressies :) x

  5. Aah that's so cute of your dad, and you've totally made me want pizza now! x

  6. Now you've made me want pizza haha!! :)
    Can't wait to see how you've done your room :)

  7. 200 tic tacs in one box?! Wow.

    Lovely photos and I went into school whilst it was empty too! Good luck on your exams x

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

  8. Thanks to you now i'm craving pizza!! :)