Tuesday 22 April 2014

The Easter Photo Diary

If you asked me to summarise my Easter Sunday in three words, they'd definitely have to be: food, family and fun. (Oh wow, look at that alliteration!) I spent the day with my parents, sister, Nannie and Grandad, and it was lovely! 

We had a delicious roast, and then had enough dessert to feed an army. I went for two portions of key lime pie, followed by another bowl of lemon meringue pie.. What can I say, I love my food! Oh, and for breakfast was a triple chocolate chip cookie. (The only way to start a chocolate filled day.) 

As for my outfit - I wore my new daisy top from H&M, a Primark gold chain and Primark disco pants. Although, after everything I consumed, the latter probably weren't a good idea!


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  1. Those flowers look pretty. We went for a carvery this Easter which was nice, and it meant there was no washing up afterwards! Danielle xx


  2. Aww the pictures are lovely! I'm the same - I love my food! Glad you had a good easter!

    Kate @ Beautiboe

  3. The flowers are gorgeous! Sounds like you had a really lovely weekend, I ate far too much for my own good as well!

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