Tuesday 29 April 2014

NEW IN: Mac Cosmetics

Is it me or is the Mac website rather overwhelming? I hadn't realised how many different shades and finishes there were for each product? Anyway, long story cut short: I was sent some Mac products as payment a recent for blog design. Yay! So had to hop on the website pronto, to pick a couple of bits and bobs!

I'm pleased to announce that I now own my second Mac lipstick. I bought Costa Chic last August, and have been desperate to get my hands on a more pinky shade since. I'm not the biggest fan of nude colours, as I'm definitely on the paler side, and the aforementioned always leave me looking a little 'under the weather.' The shade I settled on was 'Please Me' which is rather similar to Revlon's Elusive - my current favourite pink!

I received a Mac quad for my birthday in March, alongside Sable and Satin Taupe eyeshadows. Recently, I've been loving matte finishes, so it seemed only natural to fill my remaining slots with Charcoal Brown and Omega. Both of which, I'm glad to report, are beautiful colours! I love how natural and simplistic they look when blended together! Charcoal Brown arrived a little chipped - is there a way or 'resetting' it?

What is your favourite Mac product?


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  1. Fab choices! I agree that the website is a little overwhelming but 'please me' is such a pretty shade :D

    Style Sunrise

    :) x

  2. Ah I have Please Me! It's perfect for pale skin!

    Kate | Beautiboe xx

  3. I want to buy everything you mentioned here now! I'm so addicted to MAC products these days. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  4. I really want to try a mac lipstick :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com