Thursday 3 April 2014

March Life Favourites

For me, March has been rather fitness oriented. I started a second blog, bought my first set of workout clothes and have tried a whole load of new foods. 

Life And Death Row - I seem to have adopted an obsession with programmes on Capital Punishment. I'm not entirely sure why, but the second episode in the aforementioned show was so interesting. I personally agree with the result, so if you haven't seen it - it's definitely worth a watch.

Wine Gums - It was my birthday on the 19th, and I was lucky enough to receive so many lovely gifts, including a big box of Wine Gums. Mmmmmmm. I don't think I could ever go off these bad boys.

Arctic Monkeys, AM - Another birthday related item, but I've listened to this album everyday since I received it for my birthday. My favourite tracks are definitely: Arabella and Knee Socks.

Fitness - I've never been the sportiest of trainers, but I've been so motivated to exercise recently. I'm currently loving pilates and I've discovered so many delicious foods - so definitely lookout for some upcoming recipes.



  1. I've been watching Life and Death Row as well, I love any programmes on the American Law/Criminal/Punishment system! I really liked watching Life on Death Row last year aslo. I really enjoyed the second episode of Life and Death Row as well, so interesting x

  2. I love crime and law shows so I feel like I NEED to watch Life and Death Row!
    Estelle x
    Let Me Go Xo

  3. Blackcurrant wine gums are THE best sweets in the entire world.

  4. I love the Arctic Monkeys! Pilates is awesome and has done great things for my legs. Keep it up! The results are freakin' amazing.

    Smitten with Sunday

  5. Hope you had a good birthday
    I too love Wine Gums
    Rachel XX

  6. Have you heard about the man who was held on death row for 45 years in Japan and was released the other day? Incredible.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  7. I've been addicted to AM since I got the full album a few weeks ago! Arabella is such a good song Xx

  8. I love crime shows and have been watching life and death row too, I also love AM it's awesome! XXXX