Thursday 10 April 2014

'Do You Even Wear Makeup'

A couple of weeks ago at school, we were talking about makeup, (a typical conversation.) When a girl piped up, and asked me 'Do you even wear makeup?!' Obviously, at the time I thought nothing of it,  and carried on talking about Mac's Costa Chic lipstick. But, looking back, I've only just realised that that was such a lovely - backhanded - compliment.

Which in turn, got me thinking. For me, wearing makeup is a confidence thing - to cover the bits I don't like and accentuate the things I do. When I do wear makeup, I feel much more confident. Fact. So for her to think that I was just naturally that confident, with the way I look, was such a lovely compliment. Does it matter if you wear makeup or not? Obviously not.

I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this, but I'd love to know why you wear makeup.

Also, I should probably mention the above photo shows a wild Becca in her natural habitat: makeup free, complete with messy hair, wearing pyjamas. (Read in a David Attenborough voice for full effect.)


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  1. I'm not sure I wear makeup as a confidence thing as I would so happily go out without makeup on, I guess I just think I look a lot nicer with makeup on! I'm not meaning I want to walk down the streets with everyone looking at me because of how 'nice I look', it just enhances things and I although I don't think I NEED to wear it, I do.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. It always seems so mean when people say things like this but I love how you've thought about it, I guess it is kind of lovely! May have laughed too loudly at your David Attenborough joke.

  3. I think no makeup, makeup is so refreshing, and that is a very sweet thing for that girl to say, without her even realising! Love your brows btw! I tend to wear makeup because I have blotchy skin with massive pores, and I have virtually non existent brows, so those need some attention, but other than that i'm okay with not much else!

    Sophie x

  4. I usually go everyday without makeup because I like to let my skin breathe a little. If I do, it's usually only some kind of lip product, and either eyeliner/mascara. I only really 'doll up' - and even by my standards, that isn't really all out because I lack makeup skills - when it's a special occasion! (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  5. For me I think it is a confidence thing but over the years I've become more comfortable wearing less. I recently went out the house without a single scrap of makeup on for the first time in years and in my head fully expected people to think/say something negative. But I found that no one actually cared and I think once you come to realise that, you become a lot more comfortable with the idea of going makeup free or minimal makeup. Sorry that was a bit rambly!

    Sami - Beauty Aesthetic x

  6. I started wearing concealer & foundation at the age of 14/15.. fast forward a few years I'm now finally starting to give my skin a rest and opt for BB/CC creams on casual days!

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

  7. This is so funny because I don't think I EVER talked about make up when I was at school. I didn't even wear it until I was 16, and even then it was just eyeliner and eyeshadow. I was 19 before I started wearing full make up. I think it's to do with changing attitudes: When I was 15, say, we all wore jeans and trainers, and hardly any girls wore make up. Teenage girls are a lot more polished these days!


  8. I only started properly wearing makeup at the age of 16/17. I never wore it during school as I was in an all girls school and I was lucky enough to have good skin that I didn't feel the need to cover it up.

    Now though, it's a confidence thing. I feel I get treated like a child when I don't wear makeup (which is crazy, because I'm 20!) because I look younger than I actually am. So with makeup I feel more grown up haha!!

    Leanne - Makeup Blast | Bloglovin'

  9. I started wearing makeup, mainly eyes, in my late teens to distract the attention from my skin issues to my eyes. At least that was my goal. Nowadays I mostly still do eyes, because I don't feel I have much to cover and the ones I have is no big deal. I guess I wear makeup as a pick me up, but mostly for creative outlet. The art of applying makeup.

  10. You look stunning without make-up! I am envious of people who can get away it, I don't really sleep much and stress has caused acne so I think I am just self conscious, I wish I could wear it and claim to wear it to be creative hahah!!! xxx

  11. I don't wear makeup for confidence, I go out just as much without makeup as I do with, for me it just makes me look a bit nicer and covers my acne scars. You have amazing bone structure/ cheekbones! Don't need any makeup to create those, lucky :)

  12. i actually dont wear makeup anymore, only on special occassions (so my friends dont shout at me, lol). it's so rarely that i usually need to go out and buy a new mascara.

    but i use to wear it everyday in upper secondary school. i guess i just didnt like my face, but i've embraced it now and i am happy to go to work everyday, give presentations and go out with friends make-up free (it's just parties or weddings that i would get shouted at for it i went au natural).

  13. I literally had zero confidence without make-up until recently when I started baring my natural face in front of my boyfriend! I think it definitely is for a lot of girls; especially if they have spots or blemishes.
    alicekatex ♥

  14. I don't wear it for confidence, I wear makeup to express my personality, I see it as an art form :D

    Laura- DemandBeauty xo