Sunday 30 March 2014

This Week I... (#26)

Sat a few more mock exams. It's fair to say that - unfortunately - exam season is well and truly on it's way. May is rapidly coming and the workload is definitely getting bigger and bigger day by day. 

Ate my first fast food burger. Yep. I've always been more of a chicken kinda gal' but yesterday I decided that it was time to try a burger. I went for a kids meal as I'm not a fan of cheese, jalapeƱos, etc, and it was lovely. Burger King - you're children's burgers are fab.

Had my first Ben & Jerry's of the year. Mmmm mmmm. Phish Food is definitely my current favourite flavour. I mean, that marshmallow and caramel. Wow. Plus, the fishes are delicious. If you couldn't already tell - I love chocolate ice cream.

Bought lots of fitness related things. Oh yes, Becca's gone all serious about this workout thing. I think I'll post a haul on my fitness blog, so definitely look out for that over the next few days!

Tried a new Starbucks drink. Wait, Becca didn't have a salted caramel hot chocolate? Oh wow, this week has been full of trying new things. But this 'Mango Passion Fruit' fruit blend was amazing. Plus look at that straw, was it designed for giraffes?!

Gave my phone a makeover. I've been obsessed with this colour recently, so when I saw a back for my phone in this colour, I literally had to have it. I have the Moto G if you're wondering, and I'd definitely recommend it!



  1. Ahhh! I love Ben and Jerry's but I have always ben too afraid to try Phish food!

  2. Looks like you had a great week! Can't wait to see the fitness haul!

  3. Mmm Mango Passionfruit is my current favourite from Starbucks, admittedly I'm a bit more of a Costa girl because that's all we have in uni but Starbucks always wins for the iced drinks! Good luck with all of your exams, I only have one this year and it's my first in nearly two years so I'm dreading it slightly! xx

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  4. If you think the burger king kids meals are good over here you want to try them in mainland europe, the bun is basically like slices of milk roll and it is the most amazing thing I've ever eaten at a burger king in my life !!

    Good luck with the exams :)

    S xo.

  5. Love these posts of yours! Hope your mock exams are going okay :)

    Kate xo //

  6. Ooh the Mango Passion Fruit is my favourite! I actually had one this morning... I do prefer Costa's juice drinks though. Not a coffee person at all! Also got exam period coming up, and I'm really struggling to get revising at the moment!