Monday 17 March 2014

NEW: Becca's Fitness and Life

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I went for a run this week. Not only that, I also enjoyed it. Fast forward about an hour later and Becca's Fitness and Life was born. I wanted to create a blog, not only to remind myself of my progress, but hopefully to motivate others!

Now, I feel like I should explain myself a bit. I'm not trying any crazy diets nor am I buying any all inclusive, private gym, memberships. I'm just going to try to: snack less, do more exercise and just choose healthier food options. 

Anyway, enough rambling. I'd love it if you'd follow my new blog on Bloglovin' here.



  1. I did literally what you did, had less snacks, exercised quite abit and ate healthy. I lost 8kg in about 3 months.

  2. Love the idea that you have set up here. Love reading stuff like this, so motivational.
    Becka | This Is My World